Brand Management

In Marketing It’s Important to Tell Your Story (Even B2B)

Vanessa Merit Nornberg’s article in Inc. Magazine (Your Story Is Your Marketing Strategy | May 25, 2012) discusses the importance of telling your story to align with your customers. I though it was an interesting article when you think of the applications in the B2B world.

Think of brands that you buy from frequently. Are there examples of companies you buy from mainly because their story aligns with your world view? Think of REI that focuses on the importance of the outdoor lifestyle, Whole Foods that believes in the importance of high quality natural organic goods, or even that local bakery in your town (you know the one where the owner always baked as a hobby but knew it was their ultimate dream to own an artisinal bakery that makes everything from scratch). Interesting thing about most of them — you are willing to pay more to do business with them because you believe in what they stand for.

I, and many others, believe this applies to the B2B world as well; yes even in highly regulated industries like medical devices (we are after all in the business of taking care of people facing some of the most challenging times of their lives). It of course begs the question — what is your company’s story and how do you articulate it to your customers so they connect with your brand on a similar level?